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The Damage

By Mr. Tex

Figured I oughta put this up here; I linked Jerry already, but.

That's got pictures of what's left of my (now former) apartment. Pictures 47-50 are it. You'll also see the missus, my dad, and my brother in it. It's pretty nasty.

For the curious, it wiped out probably 80% of what we we owned; all of the furniture, all the kitchen stuff, all the dishes and mot of the cups, almost all of the electronics except the Wii (which we evacuated with), my library of a few hundred books is reduced to maybe 20, my video game library's down from a couple hundred to about five, and pretty much every DVD we had except about 5 or so, were all complete losses.

So now I begin the adventure known as, "Dragon Quest IX: In Search of the Aid from FEMA."

I hear it's a pretty tough game.

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