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Crystal notes

By Aurora

I just wanted to point out yet more name geekery on my part in Xiao Tian's storyline. "Tianyi", Shouren's pet name for him, is actually used as a pun, and is the "real" name that I took Tian's name from. In Mandarin it means "gift from heaven". So that whole exchange was sort of jokey--they're anxiously talking about gifts from the Son of Heaven, and Shouren already thinks of Tian as a gift...

Yeah, I'm dumb. ^^

Incidentally, you didn't really think I was going to let Legends slide without some yaoi, did you? Equal time for the sapphotastic Amazons. ^_~ Speaking of which, yes, Maritana is modeled after Xena to a certain extent, and the Xanthyr themselves modeled after Xenaverse Amazons, specifically the Northern tribes of the steppes that showed up a lot in season 6. Which is funny because Xena took great pains to always say she was not an Amazon, even though they considered her one of them in spirit and she was totally married to an Amazon Queen. And yes, the Gabby analogue will show up in due time. I just wanted to pay tribute to the Xenaverse in the Kupopoverse somehow because in a lot of ways, Xena and to a lesser extent, Herc was pretty much the epitome of what I set out to do when I started this whole thing: a campy high adventure type of thing that was just plain fun. Those shows felt like Kupop on television, which is probably why I got so obsessed with Xena at least. Of course, to a teen girl just admitting she might be less than completely straight, the hot chicks in leather being bad ass probably had something to do with it too. ^^

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