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After the Show

By RMDTech


It was a hard one, not using her full strength but enough to make No Cha stumble.

Moriko was mad not just any kind-of mad, she was fuming.

She walked away from him not looking back. What he did was inexcusable. Even if he were doing it for the Emperor and for them. He should have known better, though. To fight prisoners whom looked as if they hadn't eaten well in weeks and were mistreated beyond that, to fight them like that was more than barbaric. Their deaths were not the issue, all kinds of people die in battle and she has seen more than enough blood. His honor was an issue and the honor of the Empire. These were not honorable deaths. These were brutal slayings. They may have had weapons but they were there to die, for what, entertainment. It disgusted her.

He could take the slap anyway he wanted, disgust for his "performance", a challenge to fight him herself and she how much better a man he was, or just pure hatred.

She returned to her room and walked to the doors to a balcony outside. The Wind raged with her. Part of it she knew she was controlling because of her anger but another part told her a storm was coming. With her adding to it this storm was going to be a nightmare. She needed to calm herself somewhere.

The wind howled at her though " Fight him. Destroy him. He's worse than the prisoners he killed. He's a monster." She felt she couldn't deny some of those thoughts, go with her instincts, but like everything she needed to wait. Things typically happen for a reason and her anger will not solve it.

She climbed up on the bed and sat with her legs crossed and took deep breaths. She pictured the view outside of her home in Maho-Kuni. She could feel the wind calming slightly and it's voice quieting.

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