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The Invitation to Moriko Akuma, Lady of Maho-Kuni

By RMDTech

" We should be heading back now Moriko will be waking soon." Kaminari said as she stepped up onto her white chocobo.

Bishamon looked to the sky a saw the last bits of stars and the slightest bits of color. He never got used to the sky here.  He joined her on his own black chocobo and they slowly trotted back to Shiren. To look at them would be like comparing yin and yang. So different yet so connected. Moriko was the key. They have been raising her and training her for something great. They were never sure what that was though.

They continued reaching the outskirts of town passing by the cloth production fields and the rice fields before reaching the main part of town. Their destination though was Shiren no Yama, but more and more people began calling in Mt. Ordeals. The town had, within the years they had been there, changed from a simple farm town to the head of magical discovery. The people had a greater freedom here than many other places under the rule of the empire but as long as they kept their rice and silk shipments coming the empire really never thought of the Maho-Kuni region.

They approached the mountain and started heading up the winding trail. The mountain had become not only where Moriko placed her home but the place where the monks she grew up with moved. Bishamon wasn't sure about the monks, they seemed to be up to something that they didn't want Moriko or the two of them to know about. They had been digging through the mountain though preparing something and it also seemed to be involved with the surgence of magic within the area. Whatever it was he didn't like it. They barely took care of Moriko except to make sure she wasn't a demon herself.

Moriko on the other hand let everyone do what they wanted, within reason. She made sure there was law and order within the land, but other than that left the people alone. She did settle disputes quite even handily and the people knew not to get her angry. That's probably one of the reasons she chose the mountain. The people would fear that she would be watching over them all, but on the same token be aware that they are safe from outsiders.

They finally reached the house by the time the sun was fully out. They figured they were late by this time but took their time. They knew Moriko could take care of herself. When they entered they were greeted with Moriko, Captain Anker Varrius, and a messenger who was in the middle of a statement.

" ...Emperor summons all the Lords and Governors of the provinces to the Imperial City to make a report on the state of the Empire."

" It's very rare for the Emperor to ask such a thing." Captain Varrius said as he adjusted his stance.

" But you forget Captain that the Emperor has been away for studies the whole time. I think it is a wise choice for the Emperor to hear from his loyal subjects on the matters of state. We would be honored to meet with his Magnificence." Moriko said. She continued talking to him directing him to another area and out of the hall where the two Mogui entered.

" So that is interesting. I wonder what the Emperor really wants?" Captain Varrius asked the two as he stared off in the direction Moriko went.

" Probably wants to see who's really loyal to him and who's really out to get him." Kaminari said.

" Better to weed out the divisive ones now than to wait til they had a knife in your back." Bishamon said.

" But there is a saying that could ring true too ' Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.' Either way it seems odd to take the Lords, and Ladies, away from their provinces for long." The Captain said.

They stood silent as Moriko came back with the messenger.

"... Now if you bring you men with you we can have you all stay within our guest quarters and we can sail out tomorrow back to Hai-Xsia." she said as handed off the messenger to one of her servants to guild him around. As they disappeared Moriko said " We need to pack a few things, and Captain you're in charge while I'm away. I believe you can handle things for a couple of weeks."

" May I ask were there any stipulations to the visit?" Captain Varrius asked.

" No there wasn't. In fact he wanted us to come as we were, so to speak. I assume he wanted to see who was watching over his people rather than how much money they had. Which suits me fine. I'd much rather show him intelligence than the amount of money I carry on me. Bisha, Kami you're coming with me. I don't know what these other Lords would do with a female Lord I may need some back up."

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