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Crystal Notes

By RMDTech

Just wanted to put some info here that I am personally using for notes and just wanted to let people know what I am talking about a bit when I use some Japanese words (love google for helping me find them too).


Moriko Akuma - Meaning the demon child of the forest.

Moriko - Child of the Forest

Akuma - Demon

Shugo - Guardian

Bishamon - Male Moogle - Meaning Japanese god of war

Kaminari - Female Moogle - Meaning Thunder

Shiren no Yama - Mt. Ordeals

Shiren no Senka - War of Ordeals/War of Trials

Shiren - Ordeals/trials - Name of the town beneath Shiren no Yama


If I have anything else I will probably add a reply here to explain more.

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