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The Legend of Moriko Akuma, or The Demon Child of the Forest

By RMDTech

The sounds of glasses chinking and songs of drunken men filled the darkened bar. Laughter came from the volumptious barmaid as she served the table their drinks. The men toasted her and took a sip. The everything got suddenly quite as the door opened. Inside the frame stood two figures. They were the size of children and the best way to describe how they looked would be like cats on two legs with a ball of yarn dangling from their heads. The bar knew them well though. They were the Shugo Akuma, or guardians of the demon. They were well respected but at the same time feared. The male of the two was dressed as a warrior and had two Wakizashi blades strapped to his back. Even thought they were shorter than a Katana they still seemed to big for him. The female was dressed in the typical robes of the Xsian children. Neither looked much like a threat, but no one in the bar would touch them or look them straight in the eye, except for one man.

" What are you doing fool! Don't you know who they are?" whispered one of his friends across from him at the table.

" No I don't. What are they anyway? Some sort of rats?" he replied.

" Let me tell you what they are." said a gentleman from another table. He picked up his glass and shuffled over to the table as the bar began getting life back into it. The gentleman sat down beside them. He had a grizzled look about him as if he had seen the world and many of it's battles.

"I was one of the first people who fought with them ages ago during the Shiren no Senka. They are very friendly creatures once you get to know them but very secretive. What I learned was actually from one of the monks who brought Moriko up. She was brought to the as a baby by the two of them. They didn't know what they were but couldn't turn away the child. The two said they would look after her but needed a place to stay. They let them stay in the stables as long as they took care of the horses."

" But weren't they afraid that something would happen to their horses?" one of the gentlemen asked.

" Of course they were afraid but anyone who'd bring a child to them for safe keeping couldn't be all bad. The monks actually thought they were Akuma's and thought the child as much as well. That's why they named them as such. The child they named Moriko Akuma, The demon child from the forest. The male guardian they named Bishamon Shugo Akuma and the female Kaminari Shugo Akuma. They believed that she was the child of a demon and these two had spirited her out in order to protect her. It wasn't until later that they were almost proved right. The two guardians trained her in the ways that they knew and the monks educated her and she became quite the lady. When she was the age of 16 was when the war happened. She was fully trained as a warrior by Bishamon but no one knew until that day what Kaminari taught her."

He took a drink as he remembered the war and let everything settle in before continuing. "I have to say it was the easiest battle ever to be a part of. The reason it even got the name that it did was because it was such a trial the Agar nation."

" How did the war start?"

" Well initially it started when Agar decided they didn't have enough land and started to ransack our coastal towns. The Lord Torin didn't seem to care though. The monks thought pleaded with them to stop to no avail. Lord Torin still didn't care until he was captured. the Agarians told us to give us their land our their leader would die and that's when Moriko stood up and told them ' He's no leader of ours, in fact, I could be a better leader.' They were none too happy about that and killed him. She wasn't very happy about that either but she didn't care about a man who wouldn't care for his people. She told them ' A worthless death for a worthless man. If you want a real challenge though you should try and kill me.' This angered them even more. First because in their minds women were far less than any man and secondly that she would be a challenge to them was laughable. So to show that they weren't kidding around they gathered the largest force they could gather and marched them here. We met them half way though. Moriko had gather as many men as she could but in reality she wouldn't need them."

" They met inbetween the two forests. Our army of a few men versus and army of thousands. There General laughed when they saw us but it just made Muriko smile. The launched their forces towards us as we stood our ground. Only one went to face them as they ran. Moriko. As they came within feet of her she whipped out her Katana in long flowing swing in front of her and all the men flew back as if they had just been hit by a tidal wave. The men who had survived that couldn't stand that a woman had bested them so the all rushed her forgetting about us. She flowed like the wind cutting and slicing her way through them. The few men who seemed to have talent with the blade were still no match to her. As the men began to notice us again Bishamon and Kaminari took care of them leaving us with nothing to do. But really all we could do is watch as Moriko dispatched a whole army of men in what seemed like mere seconds. The General was astonished but nonetheless continued onward, his men on the other hand were scampering like rats. The general told his men to stay and fight but they continued to leave. The general figured he had to take things into his own hand and started to head out on the battle field. Moriko saw this and flew to the General. And when I say flew I literally mean flew. She had her sword pointed in front of her, her feet didn't touch the ground and she shot like a deer quickly over the field covering it in seconds. She bounded above the Generals horse and stabbed him deep in the chest, throwing him off his horse and down to the ground. She pulled her blade from the corpse and wiped the blood off on the generals clothes before returning it to it's sheath."

He stopped for a another sip of beer and leaving it hang there for a second before one of the gentlemen asked " What happened next?"

The old man smiled and continued " Well she stood there and yelled ' If any of you still want to die then please come face me, otherwise leave my land.' Most of them did others actually begged her if they could stay. In truth she really didn't want to fight them and didn't mind the ones that wanted to stay but they had to promise to live peaceful lives and only fight in defence. That's how Lady Moriko became the ruler of the land here. She makes sure things are taken care of but leaves us relatively to ourselves. Well gentlemen I have to get going." He said as he took the last gulp of his drink and hobbled out of the bar.

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