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Crystal Opener

By Scen

Okay. So I'm like, a couple days late getting in on the Legends openers. But what can I say? This time of year, she's a-not so good to me. But I'm going to put in the effort anyway, and so here it goes. My first post is setting some of the stage in the World of Crystals. I plan to go onto the Wiki after I've put up this post and make sure I have everything wiki'ed that I need to have wiki'ed, but suffice to say my opener is something of an invitation for other people to get in on Xsia.

What is Xsia, you ask? Xsia is a term that began in Kupopolis as just a convenient way to refer to Asian people without using the word "Asian." It, more often than not, applies to Crystal because the two strongest East Asian analogues in the story (Fabul and Eblan) are from that dimension. It began to develop as people like me and Gabe and Travis kicked it around some, and came up for justifications why two countries separated by a whole assload of ocean and continent would be in any way similar to each other, much less sharing the same ethnic label.

In devising the Xsian Empire for Legends, I've tried to answer some of that by casting the Xsian people as the one-time Big Deal all-encompassing world civ in the Crystal Dimension. This does not necessarily mean that everyone in Crystal is "Asian": rather, it means that the Xsian people conquered and controlled most of the globe in the time of their reign. The Empire was ended by a natural disaster of some kind: the sub-continent on which the Imperial City rests doesn't exist in Proper. More on that later.

At the end of my first post, the Emperor tells his Court Astrologer he wants to call together all the Provincial Governors of the Empire and meet with them. That is where (hopefully) other writers will come in and, if only for a moment, flirt with the idea of writing in the World of Crystals.

The map I have of Legends Crystal has next to no landmarks or cities labelled on it. In this respect I've left a lot of land area open for other people to name, develop and control. The provinces I would expect for other writers to come up with can be in five different regions on the map...

1. Fa-Bul: This is ancient Fabul (somewhere in history, somebody decided to drop the hyphen). The people here are very close to the Hai-Xsian ethnic group (see the Wiki for notes on Xsian ethnic groups). Fa-Bul isn't one unified province; different cities and fiefs can sub-divide this landmass very easily. Next to Hai-Xsia province and Lo-Xsia province, this is probably one of the more desirable pieces of real estate in the Empire. Names should be Chinese, or at least Chinese-sounding.

2. Lo-Xsia: A significant territory of the Empire, Lo-Xsia is an island territory that will one day become modern Eblan. Far removed from the stifles of the court of the Imperial City, the Lo-Xsian people tend to have a great deal of independence from Imperial decree -- but at the same time are often left to fend for themselves against such threats as the Eldrakyn and the Oni. Someone interested in developing a territory in Lo-Xsia should talk to Travis (who has already established a couple of lords from this domain). The naming scheme here is mostly Japanese -- but sometimes not always. (also see the Wiki for info on Lo-Xsia and the Lo-Xsian ethnic group)

3. Damk Desert: This region is ancient Damcyan/Kaipo. The people here are the ancestors of modern Damcyans, and they speak their own language (though most leaders also speak the Xsian court tongue, and everybody is able to read/write basic Xsian ideograms). "Damk" is the name of one of the tribes of the desert, which thrives to this day because it allied with the Xsian conquerors when they crossed the mountains to annex the desert provinces. Since a lot of people might initially shy away from creating a Xsian governor for not feeling comfortable with faking a convincing-sounding Chinese/Japanese name, Damk might make a great starting point to take part in the action (I believe Gabe's established that Damcyanese nomenclature has hints of Italian and Spanish to it). (incidentally, the "capital"/largest city in the Damk desert is a fortress called Damkia -- which one day becomes Damcyan Castle)

4. Maho-Kuni: Another region that should be friendly to people who don't want to bother with convincing East Asian naming schemes, this is ancient Mysidia. Then as now, Maho-Kuni was a center of magical study and training in the Empire (the sophomorically-contrived name itself means, simply, "Magic Country"). Ethnically, the region is a mixed-bag. The natives may once have been more Caucasian-looking peoples, but centuries of being under Imperial rule has created a healthy cosmopolitan mixture of skin shades, hair colors and so on. The common term for people from places like Maho-Kuni is "Peiha-Xsian," which might (if Xsian were an actual language with actual rules and meanings!) translate into something like "Mutt." Anyway, anything-goes here as far as names. 

5. Agar: A small island, East from Lo-Xsia and West from Maho-Kuni. This is modern Agart -- that place that never quite has anything done with it in Proper. There is a lot of room for development in Agar: Adam has placed a culture that's inspired by Southeast Asian themes here, but there is also a volcanic shaft that leads from Agar into the Underground, and so there are also Dwarves and humans with Dwarven lineage here.

The following areas aren't suitable for creating these "Provincial Governor" characters I'm after -- but by no means are they off limits for other people if they want to develop them/play there.

1. Beorn: Ancient Baron. Something along the lines of fantasy Barbarians here. They have proto-Dragoons and the earliest beginnings of Paladins (and maybe Dark Knights?) here. The Xsian Empire is currently (and has been since the time of the current Emperor's father) attempting to conquer the Beorn people, with little success.

2. Tro Forests: Ancient Toroia, home of Elves and Amazons. Aurora has this covered fairly thoroughly; but if you're interested in writing something there you might talk to her and see what's up. The Xsian are trying to conquer Tro as well -- again, without much success.

3. Gin-Koku-Shima: This island chain is ancient Silvera -- and it's a penal colony. The people there are altered by magic (either changed into animals or shrunken in size) and sent here to mine ore and precious metals. Their descendents become the modern day Silverans.

4. Hai-Xsia: I wouldn't recommend any long-term investment in the Hai-Xsia province. ... You've been warned.


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