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Fremde in der Dunkelheit

By Mr. Tex

One month prior to the summons of Abraxas...

Brunwisch looked at his brother with a frown. His brother was younger, but taller and slimmer than he was. His dark hair hung down to his shoulders and his beard was trimmed well. Anflaug was favored by their father, and was to be promoted over his brother to Hauptmann. It left Brunwisch as his right-hand man. He frowned and crossed his arms, as he stood at the helm of the longboat leading a fleet of twelve of them.

The skies were dark and there was a mist on the ocean. That sat poorly with Brunwisch. In his thirty-two years, he had seen many mists at sea. What he had not seen were these stars, and they were navigating blind with them. He was uncertain how they had gotten here; he only knew they had been in a fierce storm, and it had vanished suddenly.

Now, their ships were lost at sea.

"Brunwisch," his brother said, striding up with a proud grin on his face. "I have a notion."

Anflaug had many notions. All of them seemed foolish - one was to strike out in a direction and hope it led to land. Another was to stay where they were. He thought too little and was too quick to act. As a Hauptmann, he would get his men killed - but his father only saw the tall, handsome warrior he wanted. Brunwisch was never that man. "And that would be."

"Our furthest out boat, three days ago, came across a small ship." He smiled and slammed down a paper in Brunwisch's hand. "This is my notion."

He opened it, looking at it - and his eyes began to widen, as he flipped it over. "And this is?"

Anflaug was still smiling. "A star chart. My notion, brother, is to find the richest plunder our people have yet seen." He looked at him with that's wolf's grin, that grin he always had since he was young. It was the grin that made their father proud. "The plunder of another world."

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