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Also known as Ching-Shih-Chieh, the World of Crystals is home to the powerful and decadent Xsian Empire, as well as the Forests of Tro, and the Beorn people.

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The World of Light is home to the Hylian Empire, Faxanadu, and Kythriel.

World of Magi RSS

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The World of Magi is home to Dalmacia, the Divine Empire, the Jidoran Federation, the oppressed Figar people, and the Triangle Conclave. It is the ancient Esper Dimension.

World of Mana RSS

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Home to the Taznikanze, Kracians, Ingrish, and the Pan Dora. The Mana Dimension, about 1400 years ago.

World of the Enlightened RSS

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A world ruled by a powerful magic-using elite (the Enlightened Ones), presently coping with the crisis of an impending ice age. This is the Gate Dimension over 17,000 years before Kupopolis Proper.

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A world ruled by terrifying and powerful creatures known as Titans. Try not to get stepped on. About 1000 years before the Proper-era Dragon Dimension.


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Discuss the story. Obviously.

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For the giving of feedback.

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For the making of notes.